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Large selection of Titanium medical grade Jewelry included in the price!!!

Safe. Sterile. Friendly

We always do discounts or commercial gestures when you get more than 2 piercings. All piercings include piercing titanium medical grade, possibility to upgrade from our boutique choice. You can bring your own Jewellery, we will clean and sterilize it for you prior to the insertion but no discount is applicable.
Sorry but not sorry, at the moment we don't offer genital piercing. For specific piercings not listed, feel free to contact us or stop by the shop as we also work with doctors and specialists of the skin to help our clients to achieve their piercing and beauty goals.


All piercing included a good quality of jewellery (Titanium grade)

Daith piercing $70

Vertical helix piercing $70

Earlobe piercing(s)  $70  (one or 2) normal butterfly back.

Earlobe with Flat back Jewelry $70 per piercing / 2 for $120  

Kids Earlobe $70 (one or 2) with normal butterfly end

Kids Earlobe $120 both with flat back (one for $70) 

(We do pierce kids and use needles only)

Helix piercing $70 or double for $120

Forward helix piercing $70

Rook (piercing) $70

Snug (piercing) $70

Tragus piercing$70

Industrial piercing $90

Flat/Outer Conch piercing $70

Surface Tragus piercing $90

Transverse lobe piercing $90

Dermal Punch $120

Stretched lobe(s) $70 included expander

Conch $70

Orbital $70

Piercing Change/ Removal/ clean ....$10 (Free for jewellery purchase on our store)


Get the Attention You Love

Look stunning with a new Microdermal Piercing piercing. One of our trusted piercing experts will make sure you have an enjoyable experience with minimal pain. You’re going to love your new piercing and our amazing shop. Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts if you’re interested in finding out more about our services. 

  • Dermal Piercing or driver $120 (Jewellery included)

  • 2 Dermals Piercing for $180 (Jewellery included)


Love a bit more yourself


Add some Edge to Your look

All piercing included a good quality of jewellery (Titanium garde)

  • Upper nostril piercing $70 (Nose)

  • Tongue Piercing  $90 (We don't do snake piercing)

  • Nasallang piercing(s) $120

  • Septum piercing $90

  • Septril piercing $120

  • Rhino piercing &120

  • Austin bar piercing $150 

  • Bridge (we preferred don't do it) 

  • Cheek/dimple piercing $90 or 2 for $150

  • Eyebrow piercing $80 or 2 for $140

  • Anti eyebrow $90

  • Horizontal eyebrow piercing $90

  • Mandible piercing (Driver only) $120

  • Lips $90 for one 2 for $150 (Monroe piercing,Vertical labre, Dolphin bites, Horizontal lip piercing, Shark bites...)

  • Smile piercing $90

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